Here is what we bought for a week of breakfast, lunch, and dinners for my family of 4 at Kroger. All in all, the cost here was under $80 with me having items on hand to add to these items.
Weekly Menu:

  • Monday: (B) Yogurt/Oatmeal
    • (L) Chicken Quesadilla
    • (D) Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Tuesday: (B) Bacon/Eggs
    • (L) Chicken Sausage/Rice
    • (D) Chicken Fried Rice/Egg Rolls
  • Wednesday: (B) Breakfast Burrito
    • (L) Chicken Quesadilla
    • (D) BBQ Ribs/Caesar Salad/Potato
  • Thursday: (B) Bacon/Eggs/Yogurt
    • (L) Chicken Sausage/Sauteed Veggies
    • (D) Roasted Pork loin/Summer Salad/Green Beans/Fried Okra
  • Friday: (B) Yogurt/Granola
    • (L) Out
    • (D) Homemade Pizza